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[ Last Updated 15th Jul 2005]
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Isobelle Pirault is pleased to announce that she has taken over Michael Rhodes Property Management - now to be known as Michael Rhodes Lettings

The email address for the company is now info@mrlettings.co.uk

Michael Rhodes Lettings is pleased to remain part of the Michael Rhodes group and look forward to working with the residential sales offices in Romsey, Totton, West End and Southampton.



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Good morning/Afternoon and WELCOME to Michael Rhodes Property Management

We are an independent company exclusively involved in residential lettings in the Romsey, Test Valley, New Forest and Waterside areas. Subject to availability we can offer properties to rent for short, medium or longer term basis.

Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly service to both Landlords and Tenants

  • This web site provides brief property descriptions, normally with a floor plan just select by rental price
  • Prospective Tenants can register via the Lettings by Email service for immediate notification of properties newly available to rent 
  • Landlords are offered a personal service to both find tenants and the professional property management.
  • Our service is extended by our insurance service we are representatives of HOMELET Insurance

Whether Landlord or Tenant, we look forward to meeting you in person to better understand your requirements.

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